Our History


Clubhouse 1896


Clubhouse 2010

Wawonowin Country Club, established in 1896 by area mining executives was
originally located near downtown Ishpeming. The “old course” was forced to shut down
and re-locate in 1967 to its current location due to underground mining which caused
unsafe caving ground conditions.

  • Mining executives established Wawonowin in 1896
  • The name “Wawonowin” was chosen because of the howling winds which blew in the valley where the greens were located. Wawonowin is a Chippewa (Ojibwa) word that loosely translates as “Wind Through the Trees”
  • The current golf course replaced the former 60 acre Ishpeming Nelson Mine site in 1967-68 due to caving ground from mining activities
  • Wawonowin is a full service country club featuring 18 holes of challenging and enjoyable golf. Wawonowin is renowned for some of the best-kept greens in the U.P.
  • Wawonowin Country Club is owned and governed by its members. The front nine course and current clubhouse were designed and built by Wawonowin members
  • The back nine course was designed and built in the mid-1970’s. The last major course renovation was done in 1995 by the architectural firm Childs & Associates
  • Today, the 210 acre golf course is a paradise to approximately 300 members, and is home to an abundant variety of wildwood, wildlife, and green space.